Friday, January 28, 2011

I got my Wobbles and How I store my scrap paper (video)

My friend Robin and I ordered 100 wobbles from

50 of them come to 37 cents each
100 of them come to 28 cents each

So we went halfsies!


  1. How fun are these?!!! I can see why you are excited! I can't wait to see all the fun creative things you make with them! Thanks for sharing your organization tips too... I can use all the help I can get in that area!!!
    Barb :)

  2. I'm working on a memory book for our daughter and one of the pages is for her dwarf bunny. I'm going to use one of these action wobbles on a bunny cut out. how cute will that be?!!! I can't wait!!!

  3. Love your scrap storage idea. Mine are all in one box and about to overflow. I may need to head over to Walmart and grab some of those bins. Thanks for the idea. I am looking forward to your video on the dew drops as well. Wish I had someone to go half and half with on the wobbles. ;0)

  4. Aren't those wobblers fun? Thanks for sharing your tips on organizing:) Thank you for stopping by. Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. I have seen the woobles but not used them yet. How fun


  6. I am going to have to try out the wobbles! TFS your scrap storage idea!!!

  7. Awesome! Just one more thing to buy~lol~the husband will be so excited ;)