Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm going to a crop tonight...oh yeah, oh yeah! (singing)

If you are looking for the April Fools Blog Hop click here.

I'm ready for my crop tonight! I hope I have what I'll need. I love going to crops but I am always concerned I'll forget something adhesive or a scissor. Lol! If you don't see something I need in the photo please leave me a comment!

I am going to make a Mini-album tonight, but I may make some cards too. Here are the photos and supplies for the mini.

We have to bring a snack to share. Let's just say I'm not bringing a healthy snack. Lol!


  1. You've got the most important thing--chocolate! Have fun at your crop. Great job on the blog hop card too. Never Ending cards are so much fun.

  2. Everything looks good including the treats! When I went to my last crop I ended up taking my paper slicer with no blade. I had taken it out the last time I used it and put in my scoring blade and then never returned it. That was a pain in the butt...I had to keep borrowing everyone else's and I didn't like them near as much as mine lol.
    Have a great time....can't wait to see your mini together!

  3. have fun fun fun...I can not wait to see what you create!

  4. that's All your bringing, LOL

  5. Chocolate is one of the food groups, you know!